United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Union Jack
Political information
Type Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Constitution Constitution of the United Kingdom
Head of State Queen Elizabeth II
Head of Government Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Affiliation NATO
United Nations
Commonwealth of Nations
Military British Armed Forces
Societal information
Capital London
Language(s) British English, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Irish, Lowland Scots
Currency British Poundsterling
National anthem God Save the Queen
Historical information
Conflicts World War III


The United Kingdom (officially The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) is an island state and a member of NATO. It is composed of the nations of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It is a major belligerent in World War III in its fight against the aggressor Soviet Union. It is not a separate faction in World in Conflict, and its role in the war is yet to be seen.

World War IIIEdit

When the Soviet Union declared war on NATO in 1989, the United Kingdom was among the first nations to rush to the defense of Western Europe. It is likely that the Royal Navy was working to blockade the Soviet Navy's progression into the Atlantic Ocean. Unlike its neighboring countries, Great Britain has never been invaded by the Soviet Union, and thus remains an active combatant in the war. Their main contributions to the war have been through some of the NATO units available in the game (e.g. Chieftain Mk.5 Tank, FV101 Scorpion, FV510 Warrior). Little is known about what other contributions the British have made in the war, but like most NATO countries, its likely to have contributed ground troops as well as aircraft. American bases within the UK itself would be used as transport hubs for both American and British troops traveling to the front in Germany, along with bases in Ireland, France, Spain, and Portugal. These bases would also serve logistical support hubs. Major airports such as Heathrow Airport in London would also be used as a transport hub for allied troops. It can assumed that British forces may have been sent to other overseas territories and former colonies such as The Falklands, Cyprus, Brunei, Belize, Gibraltar, the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands, the British Indian Ocean Territory (B.I.O.T.: join US/UK military base), Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. British special forces (Special Air Service) may have even been deployed to America following the invasion of Seattle in support of their allies, together with NATO operations in Europe.

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