Emblem of the U.S. Army

The U.S. Army is the backbone of the US military. They have the best men,vehicles and weaponry known to the world. It is one of the largest branches of the United States Armed Forces which performs land based operations. The Army has several battalions and divisions, and reserves which are part of the United States National Guard.

World War III Edit

On the outbreak of World War III, the Army sent numerous units to the front lines fighting the Soviets assisted by the Navy and Air Force, despite heavy losses in combat.

When the Soviets invaded Seattle, Washington, the Army sent all available units to put up resistance against them and assist those who need backup. The Army took some heavy losses, but made up for it in determination to defend their country. Many Army units rallied with National Guard troops and established a hard perimeter around Seattle, containing the Soviet invasion for the time being. The Army slowly began to learn from the invasion, adapting to new tactics, studying Soviet tactics and using their knowledge of the terrain against the Soviets to cause great damage and losses among the Soviet invaders. One battle where the Army was able to show their true determination to protect their freedom was the climatic Battle of Pine Valley. This was the first major victory since the invasion started, where the army and national guard were willing to defend to the last man to protect the town and prevent Soviet expansion down the west coast of the U.S.

After the Battle of Cascade Falls,the remaining Army units scattered arounf Washington were rallied by Colonel Sawyer,under orders from General Morgan, to retake Seattle before the Chinese forces set shore and stop the nuclear strike if the retaking failed.

However,they succeeded in retaking the city and successfully stood the Soviet counterattack.

Equipment Edit

Being the land-based military of the U.S., the army operates several vehicles including Humvees, trucks, light tanks, medium tanks, and heavy tanks. Additionally, they operate several helicopters for transport and attacking enemy forces.

Small Arms Edit

  • M16A2 assault rifle
  • Colt Model 773
  • FN Minimi/M249 SAW
  • M60 Machine Gun
  • Remington Model 700
  • Franchi SPAS-12
  • Beretta M9
  • M203 Grenade Launcher

Anti-Tank and Anti-Air Weapons Edit

  • Carl Gustav M2 recoiless rifle
  • FIM-92A Stinger

Transport Vehicles Edit

  • Humvee
  • M35 Truck (cutscenes only)

Armored Transports/APCs/IFVs Edit

Anti-Aircraft Vehicles Edit

coming soon

Tanks Edit

Helicopters Edit

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