National Guard of the United States
National Guard Logo
Political information
Type State Militia/Reserve force
Leader(s) General Morgan
Affiliation United States of America
Societal information
Capital All 50 states, as well as organized territories of Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia.
Language(s) English
Historical information
Date established December 13, 1636
Conflicts World War III
The United States National Guard is the military reserve force of the US Armed Forces charged with defending the states of the United States where they are stationed.

World War IIIEdit

On the outbreak of the war, all branches of the US Armed Forces were mobilized and were sent to Europe and other parts of the world to fight the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact The National Guard, however, stayed behind to guard the mainland United States from a possible invasion.


The following US National Guard divisions that saw combat are:

The US National Guard battalions had contributed in driving the Soviets out of Seattle for good led by Colonel Sawyer and Colonel Wilkins.

Their current exploits in their other battles against Soviet invaders on American soil are unknown.

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