USPACFLT United States Pacific Fleet
Commander United States Pacific Fleet logo
Political information
Type Theater Command
Commander-in-chief Admiral David E. Jeremiah
Affiliation United States of America
Societal information
Capital Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Honolulu, Hawaii
Historical information
Date established 1907
Conflicts World War II
Korean War
Vietnam War
World War III


The United States Pacific Fleet is one of the largest fleets of the United States Navy in the world. It served as the key point of engaging Soviet and Chinese fleets and providing all fire support to friendly ground combat forces with their superiority firepower during World War III.

The only US battleship that ever gives fire support to the Fifth Supply Battalion during the Battle of Pine Valley is the U.S.S. Missouri, it continued to support other US ground forces and attacking enemy forces until got sunk by a Soviet submarine.

The Pacific Fleet's exploits of this war are currently unknown, though it was mentioned by the narrator that there was not much left of the Pacific Fleet to intercept the Chinese invasion fleet on its way to Seattle. This indicates that the remaining ships of the Pacific Fleet were protecting U.S. islands and atolls in the Pacific and Hawaii from the Soviet Navy, and should they have left, Hawaii could have fell to the Soviets.

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