This is Eagle-Six! We are go-mission. Repeat: We are go-mission. -Private Uris, reluctantly authorizing the strike on Liberty Island during the Battle of New York City.

Private Uris was a young private in the U.S. Army. He served alongside Colonel Jeremiah Sawyer during World War III. He was a communications specialist acting as a radio operator for the 5th Battalions command.

World War IIIEdit

Battle of New York CityEdit

Private Uris was first seen by the Colonel's side during the Battle of New York City in which the U.S. Army Rangers were attempting to retake New York Harbor from the Soviet Union, which was holding the city hostage by threatening to unleash chemical weapons into the city. They planned to deploy these weapons from Liberty Island. Colonel Sawyer observed the island from Ellis Island and ordered Uris to authorize an air strike against the island. Uris acknowledged his concern about the destruction of the Statue of Liberty, but Sawyer shut him down, saying that they had a war to win. Uris reluctantly ordered the air strike and was then ordered to contact Lieutenant Parker, who was in combat on Governor's Island. Sawyer ordered Parker to attack Liberty Island and to destroy all Soviet forces there before the air force arrived.

Fortunately, Parker was able to liberate the island and signaled the Colonel. Uris immediately aborted the air strike, saving the Statue of Liberty from destruction just as the planes arrived.

In alternative scene if Parker fails to clear out Liberty Island in time, Uris vomits after seeing the Statue of Liberty getting destroyed.

Battle of Pine ValleyEdit

When Seattle, Washington was invaded, Private Uris remained with the Colonel and linked up with the 5th U.S. Battalion as they struggled to liberate the city. During the Battle of Pine Valley, Uris kept in contact with the battalion's reinforcements from the Oregon National Guard while Sawyer briefed his officers on the attack. Just as Uris was giving Sawyer a status report on Colonel Wilkins' advance, a Soviet sniper shot Uris, mortally wounding him. Sawyer ordered his men to find a medic to save Uris. Tragically, the young private died of his wounds.

Eager to avenge Uris, Sawyer told Parker to kill the Soviet sniper who was overlooking Pine Valley from a nearby factory tower. Parker killed the sniper by destroying the tower, avenging Private Uris' untimely death. If Parker doesn't kill the sniper, he escapes and Webb says that his sure that Parker will do everything to catch him.

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